SF + Napa Favorites

The best thing about having a brother and sister-in-law + several best friends who all live in San Francisco is the excuse to visit Napa Valley, one of my favorite travel destinations.

Austin isn’t a big fan of California in general (it’s the liberal government!!!! jk) but has told me several times he would move to Napa Valley in a heartbeat. We aren’t even big wine-o’s! It’s just too beautiful, and the weather is perfect.

My best girlfriends from college and I took a girls’ trip to San Francisco and Napa earlier this year. Here are some of my favorite things we did and ate!

Museum of Ice Cream | San Francisco

Even if you’re not that into Instagram (you are), the Museum of Ice Cream is still a bunch of fun. It did kind of inspire some introspective self-awareness into how everything we do and take pictures of is for outside consumption and how this leads to the idea that our self-worth is determined by others’ approval, but it was also just eating a shit ton of ice cream.

The best way to describe this “museum” is that it’s NOTHING like a museum but instead a series of adorable, ice cream-related photo and video opportunities. Picture lots of brightly colored sprinkles, pastel pink backgrounds, and sugary props to pose with. Oh, and staff hands you ice cream and popsicles at every step of the tour.

Because my friends and I are basic af, we enjoyed this experience thoroughly.

Tickets are $38 each. The perfectly curated boomerang is priceless.


Girl and the Fig

The girls and I only spent one night in San Francisco before driving out to Napa for a two-day stay. Our first stop: Girl and the Fig, a farm-to-table French Country restaurant and bar. We ate brunch on the patio; I had the Croque Madame and still remember how perfect it was.

Domaine Carneros Winery

Our first wine-related stop on the Napa tour was Domaine Carneros Winery, 1240 Duhig Rd. This was my second time visiting this winery; it’s become one of my favorites because it has an outdoor tasting patio with picturesque views of the vineyards.

Our group of four was seated right away and we each ordered Sparkling Wine Samplers (I was DD so I had a few sips of everyone else’s). At $30 each, the sampler comes with four glasses of really delicious wine. We paired with a charcuterie plate to pace ourselves.


Artesa Winery

Our second winery stop was nearby, just down the road at Artesa, 1345 Henry Rd. This winery had an entirely different vibe — very modern with cool views, not the classic Tuscany-feel that Domaine Carneros created. We shared a sampler of wines at the bar inside. I preferred Domaine Carneros’ wine but liked getting to cool off inside Artesa.



Yountville: Bouchon Bakery

With bellies full of wine, the girls and I headed to our Airbnb, a little one-bedroom at the Silverado Resort & Spa. It was a little pricy for one night, but cute and comfortable. Our only regret was not bringing our swimsuits to enjoy the resort’s pools.

After a quick rest, we ventured out again into Yountville, where we stopped by Bouchon Bakery for a quick snack and coffee. I buy macarons here every single time I visit Napa Valley.


Bistro Jeanty

We’d made dinner reservations somewhere in Yountville (I forget where), but no place would take us until late in the evening, past 8. We were starving, so we popped into French restaurant Bistro Jeanty in Yountville to ask how long the wait would be. We were thrilled when they sat us right away!

I ordered the evening’s special, braised rabbit leg and bacon-wrapped loin, pappardelle in a cream truffle sauce with peas and morels. It was so glorious. I’d never eaten rabbit before but went for it because I love morel mushrooms. It was one of the richest and most delicious dishes I’ve ever had. I ate about six bites and had to take the rest boxed up.


I love visiting Napa with family and Austin, but this was the perfect place to go with my girlfriends. It felt incredibly relaxing to be able to embrace the basic bitchness of it all with my best girls. Highly recommend for any bachelorette parties or upcoming girls’ trip! Eventually I’ll post about Austin and my week-long trip to Iceland — one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited.

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