anniemayeat: Bread & Butter Kitchen + Bakery

two things everyone loves: bread, and butter. two things that couldn’t be sh*ttier for your body.

and on top of that, the new comfort food restaurant is super close to our house. i dragged my boyfriend Austin to brunch at Bread and Butter Kitchen + Bakery on Sunday.

Bread and Butter opened officially about two weeks ago, at the end of the year-we-will-not-speak-of.  it’s located at 3837 East 51st (between Harvard and Yale).

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the strange thing about Bread and Butter is that it screams “brunch.” does it not? ok, just me? well, i expected more of a specific brunch menu – there’s only one breakfast item on the list, which consists of two eggs, two strips of bacon and house toast.

obvi, that’s what i ordered.

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the portion was perfect for me because i don’t have a real stomach (grazer), but if you eat actual, real meals, this wouldn’t be enough for you. it’s only $7.95, so ordering other appetizers wouldn’t be a big deal. besides the portion, i wasn’t that impressed with the breakfast itself. eggs were lukewarm, bacon was wimpy and toast was super thin.

here’s the thing, though – i def ordered incorrectly.

Bae also wanted brunch (dude LOVES breakfast), but he went a different route… one i should have taken and will take next time: fried chicken. it’s apparently what Bread and Butter does best but i guess “Fried Chicken” is not as cute or #trendy of a name.

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Austin looooved this meal. (mind you, this was taken after we’d eaten a lot of the chicken.) the biscuit is as big as your head, if you have a pretty small head slash you’re a baby. the fried chicken was crispy and delicious. the whole thing was covered in a honey-bacon glaze. Austin actually asked for more glaze on the side immediately after trying it, and proceeded to douse his meal with it. i looked at him lovingly while he did it. this meal was excellent.

Bread and Butter’s menu is all comfort foods (think a higher-grade and less racist Cracker Barrel).

the decor is cute. think All-American picnic meets basic yoga mom. great place to meet the girlfriends or to take the fam after church.

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my favorite aesthetic at Bread and Butter was the blue pottery. by the way, the coffee is Topeca.

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finally, FYI i ordered pie for breakfast because diabetes runs in my family and it’s like why wait. i had super-high expectations because um this place is a BAKERY. this slice of lemon-meringue pie was $4.95 and imho, just okay. i typically compare every pie i eat to Antoinette Baking Co. pies which is probably unfair. this one did not live up to my hopes and dreams. i still ate it tho.



Food: B. i know i didn’t order the most exciting thing on the menu, but how hard is it to make a good, classic breakfast? so meh.
Menu: A-. the menu is pretty extensive, with lots of meat options. i was disappointed by the lack of breakfast/brunch options (idk if i made that clear) but i’m hoping a specific brunch menu will come later.
Atmosphere: A+. the restaurant has a bar (cannot believe i didn’t mention this until now) that adds a lot of youth and refreshment to the place. the sitting area at the front of the restaurant is very cozy, and the fireplace in the backroom is a great touch.
Service: A+. our waitress was attentive, polite and sweet.

GET TO THE POINT: all-around, Bread and Butter Kitchen + Bakery gets a B+. certainly worth trying if you love All-American comfort food. but don’t order the breakfast, and go with someone who loves you and will share their food with you.